The Ultimate Gathering!

Family Reunion


Renting out an entire hotel used to be a rare event...something reserved the uber-rich or paparazzi-shy celebrities. 

But now, you can take over RBR for anything from a family reunion to a business site.

More families are travelling together and there are more groups that want to celebrate together...without any masks or social distancing because they are all from the same space.  Taking over RBR gives you a uniquely private and festive environment.  You experience your family or company as a whole unit being able to go where you please, rather than being in a closed restaurant or the lobby of a hotel. Your family will get luxury custom treatment without disturbing other people.

The cost covers custom ammenities - help sourcing local seafood for special menus, late night parties, bonfires on the beach - that help make your experience exclusive and private.

Milestone events, like birthdays and anniversaries, can be made special, memorable, and safe.  It's time to get back together with the people you love and care about.

Start planning your own Ultimate Gathering and Family Event!


Hotel Rental: 

  • Four 1-bedroom Oceanfront Cabanas with 2 queen size beds, a/c, private bathroom and balcony.
  • One 1-bedroom Oceanview Cabanas with 2 queen size beds, fan, private bathroom and balcony.
  • One 2-bedroom Oceanfront Cabana with 3 queen size beds, a/c, private bathroom, balcony, ground floor recreation area with pool table and wet bar.
  • One 1-bedroom Oceanview "Staff" Cabana with 2 bunk beds, fans, private bathroom and balcony.

Includes rental of our large, professionaly stocked kitchen and grill. Daily assistance buying local fish, shrimp, oyesters, lobster, fruits and vegetables as needed.

Daily landscaping, Daily Hosekeeping, Nighttime Security, Onsite 24 hour Management.

Maximum of 19 people total (adults and children any age).

TOTAL: $650 per night/ 3 night minimum. 

Discounts for longer stays.

17% taxes, $3 per guest/per night tip - additional.

Please contact STACY JULIANE for more information or to make your reservation!